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Welcome to the world of magic

Ben Woodward is an internationally renowned professional magician with a career spanning over 17 years. He has performed in 23 countries across the globe, developing a spellbinding show combining first rate, quick-fire comedy with mind-blowing trickery.

Now you can share his secrets

Online tutorials are being gradually added and other videos will be added on a regular basis teaching you the art of sleight of hand, Gags and performance tips.

Now Ben will share his secrets with you through a range of courses to suit all would be magicians and, through this site, you can purchase the special props and gizmos which will make your journey into the world of magic so much easier.

Just one of many amazing effects


Imagine putting a ball into a spectator's hand then one into your own hand you blow on your hand and the ball inside vanishes, so you ask to borrow your spectator's ball but when they open their hand they are amazed to find two, this carries on until the spectator has 4 balls in their hand. Balls vanish into thin air and multiply in people's hands ...This really is Magic at its best and will always get a fantastic reaction when performed.
From our requiring skill range.

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